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Principal Body Corporate Levies

The Principal Body Corporate (PBC) incurs charges for various services, which are then allocated to the seven Subsidiary Bodies Corporates (SBCs) on a pro-rata basis. These services can be summarized as follows:

  • Caretaker: The caretaker oversees the day-to-day maintenance and upkeep of the common property areas.

  • Community Liaison Officer: The community liaison officer serves as a point of contact for residents, addressing community-related inquiries and facilitating effective communication.

  • Landscaping: The landscaping service ensures the maintenance and enhancement of the common areas' green spaces and gardens.

  • Security: Security services are provided to maintain a safe and secure environment within the estate.

  • Electricity, General Repairs, and Maintenance: The PBC covers the costs associated with electricity usage, general repairs, and the ongoing maintenance of common property infrastructure.

  • PBC Insurance and Administration: The PBC manages insurance coverage for the common property and handles administrative tasks related to the overall operation of the estate.

  • PBC Sinking Fund: The sinking fund is established to secure funds for future maintenance and repair needs of major components of the common property, including private roads, associated street lighting, and other essential infrastructure elements.

These services contribute to the well-being and proper functioning of the community, ensuring a high standard of living for all residents.

Please note that detailed information regarding the allocation of charges and specific cost breakdowns can be found in the available resources or relevant documentation.

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Subsidiary Body Corporate Levies

The Subsidiary Bodies Corporates (SBCs) collect levies from lot owners based on the following contributions:

  • Community Manager Lot Administration Charge: This is a fee charged by the Body Corporate Community Manager for managing the administrative aspects related to individual lots.

  • Community Manager Fees for Additional Services (FFS): The Community Manager may provide additional services upon the Committee's request, which are charged separately based on a Fee for Service (FFS) arrangement.

  • Insurances: Contributions towards insurances, including Public Liability and Office Bearers insurances, are included in the levies.

  • Sundry Other Charges: Various miscellaneous charges, which may vary depending on specific circumstances, are included in the levies.

  • Cash Reserve: A portion of the levies is set aside in a cash reserve to ensure sufficient funds for unforeseen expenses or future projects.

It is important to note that the amounts for each SBC may differ due to their unique circumstances and specific requirements.  Furthermore, the charges for services administered by the Principal Body Corporate (PBC) are passed on to the SBCs on a pro-rata basis. These charges constitute the majority of the total levies paid by lot owners.

To view the financials for previous Financial Years please consult your StrataMax portal at

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