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Guidance for Peaceful Living


In order to maintain the well-functioning and aesthetic appeal of the Ridges Peregian Springs community, a set of bylaws has been enacted. These bylaws serve to govern various aspects of residents' daily lives and uphold the overall standards of the community. Additionally, design regulations have been implemented to further enhance the quality of the community's environment.

The purpose of these bylaws is twofold. Firstly, they aim to preserve the visual appeal of the community, ensuring a cohesive and attractive atmosphere for all residents. This contributes to creating a pleasant living environment that residents can take pride in. Secondly, these bylaws are in place to ensure that the community is well-maintained and cared for, promoting a high standard of living for all residents. By upholding these standards, property values within the community are safeguarded and are likely to exceed those in communities without such regulations.

By complying with the established bylaws and design regulations, residents actively contribute to the overall harmony and prosperity of the community.

For further information on specific bylaws and design regulations that pertain to your residence, please refer to the available resources or relevant documentation.

Tropical Beach

To assist owners, residents, and tenants in understanding and abiding by the community bylaws, the following is a summary list of key guidelines. Please note that these guidelines are not exhaustive, and the bylaws themselves are written in a legal language to ensure their enforceability. Breaches of the bylaws will result in remedy notices initially. If the breaches are not remedied within the allowed timeframe, further action may be taken at the lot owner's expense. It is important to familiarize yourself with the complete set of bylaws for a comprehensive understanding of your obligations within the community. The summary includes:

  • Only park vehicles in your garage, driveway, or in designated street parking stalls and adhere to parking rules and restrictions

  • ​Maintain the cleanliness and tidiness of your lot and common areas including mowing lawns regularly, weeding and gardening regularly, performing upkeep and maintenance on your property

  • Respect the peaceful enjoyment of other residents and avoid causing excessive noise or disturbances

  • Seek necessary approvals and permits for any structural modifications or renovations to your lot

  • Adhere to guidelines regarding exterior aesthetics, including landscaping and property appearance as per the regulations set forth by the Architectural Review Committee 

  • Follow safety and security measures to protect yourself and the community


  • Allow any vehicle parking on verges, walking paths, gardens, or lawns.

  • Allow any trucks and commercial vehicles, caravans, boats, trailers, or recreational vehicles to park on your property unless they are completely housed within a garage or carport or otherwise satisfactorily screened from view from the street.

  • Leave waste bins out longer than 24 hours after collection.

  • Leave waste bins out in view from the street; they must be hidden or covered.

  • Engage in activities that may cause a nuisance or annoyance to others.

  • Violate restrictions on the use of common areas or facilities

  • Ignore regulations related to waste disposal and recycling

  • Engage in illegal activities or behaviors that may compromise the security or reputation of the community

  • Display signage or advertisements without proper authorization.

  • Use your lot for purposes that are not in compliance with zoning and bylaw requirements


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